Internet Beginners Are About To Discover The REAL Secret To Making Money Online…
“How To Build A Profitable List Of Responsive Buyers And Foster Long-Term Customer Relationships Using The Power Of Email”
Don’t Be Fooled By Twitter, Facebook And Social Media… You Too Can Use The Tried And Tested Reach Of Email To Build Your Empire!

Lots of people online are either looking for, or trying to sell you, the ‘secret’ to Internet success.

But I’ll tell you what that secret is right now…

The Secret To Internet Success All Comes Down To One Thing…


That’s it in one word… Email.

Nearly every successful marketer on the Internet owes their success to email. Without it, they wouldn’t be as successful as they are now.

Sure, if you’re new to Internet marketing, you’ll try to be sold every money making scheme under the sun. And ALL those schemes, plans, programs and blueprints will make you money to some degree, but at their very core is a LIST of email subscribers.

The Core Skill That Underpins EVERYTHING Online Is Email Marketing


Because in its 30 year existence, NOTHING has yet been invented to replace it as a marketing tool.

Social Media is all the rage at the moment with things like Twitter, Facebook and websites being the top dogs, but none of these builds a LIST of prospects, subscribers or customers.

And that’s the secret. Building a list of customer email addresses, so you can continuously communicate with them. Period.

Need Proof that Email is Better than Anything Else and More Popular than Facebook, Twitter and all the Rest of the Social Media Out There?

Just take a look at this graphic…

email is king

What this graphic tells you is the number of email accounts and email users dwarfs social media hands down.

Not only that, every succesful online business and internet ‘guru’ have made their fortunes using email – and still do.

So it makes plain sense to get into email in a serious way, right?

“OK, But Is There A Simple Way To Do All This?”

Yes, there is….

For beginner Internet Marketers, this book will help you to better understand the fundamentals of using email; appreciate how it works, and where you fit into the picture.

As far as I’m concerned, there are no other books out there that explain this topic to you to the depth I go into.

Insider Email Marketing Secrets Revealed

Hi, my name is Frank Edwards and I’ve written hundreds of email autoresponder messages for my clients.

Over the years as a copywriter, I’ve seen what works – and more importantly – what doesn’t.

In that time, there are certain techniques that work time and time again to build lists of responsive buyers of your products and services.

And in my new book, I’ll take you as a raw beginner and explain all the things you need to know to become a proficient email marketer, building lists of customers – and most importantly – building and maintaining your ‘relationship’ with them.

Basic Email Marketing For Beginners

In this book you’ll discover

basic email marketing for beginners

  • What email marketing is all about. If you think it’s about throwing out a few emails every once in a while, think again. There’s a specific purpose revealed inside
  • Why email is not ‘dead’ and isn’t going to be thrown out any time soon. Don’t be fooled by Twitter, Facebook and others. Email has one powerful advantage the others don’t have…
  • The Pros and Cons of Social Media. Believe it or not, social media hasn’t affected email in any way. Here’s why you should be using BOTH in your marketing
  • 4 great advantages of building an email ‘list’. Having a list of prospects and buyers is THE most precious thing you can ever create. These are the reasons successful Internet marketers are so good at what they do…
  • 7 ‘bribes’ you can use to build your list. Of all the things you can use to build your list, a bribe is the most effective. Take a look at 7 bribes you can start using today
  • 3 ways to set up your autoresponder. Each has its advantages. We go through each one so you can make your choice based on what you want to use it for…
  • 4 list building principles. Stick to these tried and tested methods and you won’t go far wrong. Take full advantage of other people’s hard work and results
  • The 2 best ways to capture your prospect’s email details. These are essential for getting customer details into your autoresponder. They’re very powerful and highly effective…
  • List building ethics. Once you’ve built your list, you MUST nurture your customers and look after them. If you use underhand tactics and regard them as fools, you’ll soon have no one to communicate with. Here’s how to keep your list for a long time
  • How often to contact your list. Regular communication with your list is essential or they’ll leave. Here’s a simple communication schedule you can use as a guide…
  • 5 things you should ‘talk’ to your subscribers about. If you plan your communications well, then you’ll have lots to talk to your list about. Here are 5 tried and tested strategies to use
  • How to use Newsletters in your marketing. Newsletters are a popular way to talk to your customer list. They can be used to educate your list about your products and services. You’ll find a ready made template to set out your Newsletter…
  • How to pitch a product in an email. Once you’ve built a relationship with your subscribers, you can promote products to them. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Here’s the right way
  • How to come up story lines for your emails. People love stories and you can use this fact to your advantage in your emails selling products. Follow this formula and you’ll have a high success rate…
  • 5 story based emails for you to study and copy. Here you’ll find some emails selling a physical product for you to model your own sales pitches on. Everything is laid out for you to copy
  • The components of a winning autoresponder email. There’s a set structure you can use to lay out your emails. Each section is explained, so you know how to easily assemble your own…
  • 8 more sample emails you can copy. These show you how to build a relationship with a subscriber to your list and sell them a product. Use this same formula for anything you want to pitch to your list
  • And a whole lot more!

I could go on and on with benefits like these, but here’s the point: You need to snap this up and prove to yourself you can build a responsive email list of your own and make money from it!

And To Make Saying “Yes” Even Easier, Here Are Two More Resources You’ll Find Irresistible…

basic email marketing bonuses

basic email marketing bonus 1

29 Effective Email Follow-up Ideas!
This Report Gives 29 Reasons To Contact Your List Of Subscribers!

After you send out your first e-mail advertising a product, it’s very important to follow-up a day or two later with your list.

People may have skipped over it the first time. Sometimes people need to see an Ad a couple of times before they click, or the first e-mail subject line never grabbed their attention, or they may even have forgotten they signed up to your list in the first place.

Inside this 20 page report, you’ll find a ton of ideas you can use to contact the people on your list, give them great information, or make an offer.

Do this the right way and they’ll stay with you for a L-O-N-G time to come!

basic email marketing bonus report 2

30 Effective Pre-Sell Launch Ideas!
This Report Gives You 30 Killer Ideas To Presell
Your Product To Your Target Audience!

basic email marketing bonus report 2One of the most important things you can do is to presell your product before your launches.

Preselling will increase your conversion and sales rates better than just blindly trying to sell cold.

People won’t put up their buying defence shields quite as quickly with a presell advertisement as they would with a direct buy offer.

Preselling will educate them about your product and get them interested and excited about it BEFORE they have to make a decision to buy. Just like Apple do it!

This 18 page report gives you techniques and ideas to lay the launch foundations of any product or service you can think of!

Now here’s the thing: What you have here with Basic Email Marketing For Beginners and the 2 Bonus Idea Reports is a complete email marketing system for new Internet Marketing starters.

You can literally start to:

  • Presell your offers if you have a list already
  • Start setting up autoresponder sequences of emails using proven copywriting techniques…
  • Use a ton of ideas to spark your imagination to continuously send emails to your list
  • Understand what an Autoresponder does and how to use it correctly…
  • Copy the sample emails and set up an ecourse to your list

So now you’ve seen everything that comes with this offer and you can see the results successful Internet marketers have using these techniques, let me ask you a question…

“If You Don’t Use Basic Email Marketing For Beginners What WILL You Do To Build An Email List And Make Money With Your Business?”

You could throw up a website and ‘hope’ someone will stumble on it and buy from it tomorrow.

Or you could write articles this week ‘hoping’ to drive traffic to your site.

Or you could try to get back-links to your website.

Will any of these things build a lasting relationship with your visitors and customers, making them return to your site and buying more of what you can offer them? Not likely.

On the other hand, you could invest in Basic Email Marketing For Beginners, discover how to attract visitors, set up an autoresponder, build a list of responsive customers and foster a profitable relationship with them!

What would THAT be worth to your business?

It’s Worth A FORTUNE To Any Successful Internet Business Out There Who Uses It Correctly

And remember: Email marketing is responsible for millions in new sales, EVERY DAY!

Do You Want To Finally Start Pocketing Long-Term Profits Easily Within Your Reach?

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As you can see, all the hard work has been done for you already. If you tried to work out what works and what doesn’t on your own, it would cost you a whole lot more than $27 today.

It would conservatively cost you hundreds of dollars and many soul destroying hours to do this yourself. So the measly cost of this comprehensive resource is more than worth it, right?

Plus, if I give you amazing value and information now, then you’ll be more likely to buy more of my products in the future.

Look At It Like This: Would You Go To A Car Mechanic If You Had A Heart Problem?

Obviously the answer would be ‘no’, because he knows nothing about heart problems, let alone actually do any heart surgery, right?

So doesn’t it make sense to get your hands on the email marketing knowledge of someone who’s actually done this stuff and written emails that promote real live products and services? Of course it would.

So for those reasons, I‘m sure you can see your tiny outlay for Basic Email Marketing For Beginners is an absolute steal.

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Our 60Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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And you can keep Basic Email Marketing For Beginners book and the 2 Bonus Reports with my compliments. That way, you risk nothing!

The Easiest Way Of Getting To Grips With Email Marketing You’ll Ever Find… Without Lifting a Finger!

Listen: It doesn’t take much to be ‘average’ at anything these days. In fact, ‘average’ is about as high as some people will ever hope to get.

But the plain and simple truth is; it doesn’t take much more to be head and shoulders above the rest of the pack either.

And a sure fire way of getting ahead is to use superior knowledge and applying it to all you do.

Well the superior knowledge you’re seeking is all inside Basic Email Marketing For Beginners.

And if you let this slip by you and let your competition get their hands on it… well, that would be a real shame.

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To your email marketing success,



  • Basic Email Marketing For Beginners eBook
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  • 30 Effective Pre-Sell Launch Ideas! Report

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